[Scribus] pdf problem

wayne iw
Tue Jul 12 21:01:58 CEST 2005

I create newspaper ads with scribus and send them in as pdf files. Most of 
the time there is no problem but sometimes the ads don't print out 
correctly. The fonts appear either scattered all over the place or parts 
of the text are missing. 

The newspaper company claims that all of their software are up to date and 
it's my fault. One paper suggested that I use postscript fonts instead of 
true type fonts. My ads (the exact same one) print properly in most of the 
company's newspapers but gets screwed up in a couple of the papers. My 
question is how can I be sure that my pdfs will print out properly in all 
of the company's newspapers? 

Should I convert all of my text to outline before exporting to pdf? Will 
this look as good as non-converted text? What resolution should I export 
them as? I currently use 300dpi, Acrobat 4 compatibility, embed fonts, 
compress text, automatic.

Should I be using pdf/X3? Will that make a difference?

I use Vera fonts and Corel fonts most of the time. My Scribus version is 
1.2.2. When I look at my pdf ads in Acrobat 7, they look fine. Apparently, 
the newspapers either do not have a way to test the pdf files in advance 
of printing or choose not to. Meanwhile I'm paying for these ads and 
they're being printed without dates, and other pertinent information.


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