[Scribus] Problem with ICC color conversion or profile embedding

Johannes Kiehl dont-use-77
Mon Jul 4 21:12:03 CEST 2005

Phew, exactly what I needed to know! Thanks to all who replied and to Peter
for taking the cake.

So comparing two pdf's for colour issues, one containing transparency, using
Acro7, is a bad thing. Malfunction at an improbability level of 1e^456:1

I'd like to add two observations (wishes .-): 
1: If you set the color of an object, there's no way to set a percent value, 
   right? The "Shade" option controls saturation, not brightness. Being used to 
   pagemaker, I missed the latter (brightness) and got confused by the
   present option (shade).
2: Also, I found no way to make an object "non-transparent". I had imported
   it as a transparent spline from inkscape. To make it 'opaque', I had to rework
   the object in inkscape, then import again. is there a workaround with scribus

PLinnell wrote:
> On Monday 04 July 2005 15:47, Johannes wrote:
> > "original version" and "version 2" should be identical, except for
> > the blue objects on the page, whose CMYK and transparency values I
> > changed slightly ... Now if I compare the resulting pdf using Acroread7, 
> > the colours, of objects that should have remained the same,  look quite 
> > different
> Known issue with Acro Reader 7. It is in the current docs, but needs 
> slight updating for 1.2.2. Quote: " We are aware of one color mismatch 
> with RGB images and transparency in PDF 1.4. Yes, this has been duly 
> reported as a bug to Adobe too.  If it looks right in Acro 5 or 6, then you 
> have hit the Acro 7 bug we discovered. This is present too, but less 
> noticeable in Win32 versions from what we can tell.


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