[Scribus] Problem with ICC color conversion or profile embedding

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Jul 4 17:18:34 CEST 2005

On Monday 04 July 2005 15:47, dont-use-77 at arcor.de wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to this list and to Scribus. I'm using 1.2.2CVS (Debian) to
> prepare a letterhead, drawn with inkscape, for print (4c, offset).
> I seem to be having trouble with color conversion or embedding.
> I put the scribus files and the scribus-exported pdfs on a website:
> www.absentia.de/scrtemp/index.htm in case you care to take a look.
> "original version" and "version 2" should be identical, except for
> the blue objects on the page, whose CMYK and transparency values I
> changed slightly (more saturation, shade instead of transparency).
> The ICC settings and ICC export settings were identical, I double
> checked that.
> Now if I compare the resulting pdf using Acroread7, the colours, of
> objects that should have remained the same,  look quite different
> (the green stuff on the page, like the vertical bar on the right
> hand side). Is Acroread playing tricks on me, or what did I do
> wrong?

Known issue with Acro Reader 7. It is in the current docs, but needs 
slight updating for 1.2.2.


" We are aware of one color mismatch with RGB images and transparency 
in PDF 1.4. Yes, this has been duly reported as a bug to Adobe too. 

Details: As soon there is an extended graphics state parameter 
dictionary present which contains any transparency related setting 
AcroReader switches into CMYK mode showing incorrect colours. 

My local printer confirmed this strange behaviour even with files not 
generated by Scribus, its clearly a bug from Adobe"

If it looks right in Acro 5 or 6, then you have hit the Acro 7 bug we 
discovered. This is present too, but less noticeable in Win32 
versions from what we can tell.

> A related question: I set those shaded hexagons at the bottom of
> the page to "Blue, Shade:10%" in the second file ("version 2"). But
> my acroread renders them quite dark, too much so. I'd be curious if
> you see the same (I'd expect "10% of any colour" to be so light
> that it hardly prints!).
> Thanks,
> Johannes

I looked into the the source of the file and found you are using your 
monitor profile for solid colors. Not a recommended workflow. Better 
for solids to use sRGB, Adobe RGB or other non-hardware specific 

Same with images, except if you have a: a scanner or camera profile 
and it is an accurate profile.

That said, I looked at your PDF in a number of color managed apps and 
what you see in Acro Reader 5, is likely to match very close to your 
print. If the colors much match exactly, then proofs are called for.

Hope that helps,

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