[Scribus] Problem with ICC color conversion or profile embedding

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Jul 4 17:17:08 CEST 2005

dont-use-77 at arcor.de wrote:

>I'm new to this list and to Scribus. I'm using 1.2.2CVS (Debian) to prepare a letterhead, drawn with 
>inkscape, for print (4c, offset). I seem to be having trouble with color conversion or embedding.

>A related question: I set those shaded hexagons at the bottom of the page to "Blue, Shade:10%" in 
>the second file ("version 2"). But my acroread renders them quite dark, too much so. I'd be curious if 
>you see the same (I'd expect "10% of any colour" to be so light that it hardly prints!).
I opened two windows in Windows pointing to your web page. Compared the two versions with Acrobat 7. They are as you stated: different. I then tried the same thing in Lunix, Fedora FC4, Evince: similar results; Acrobat 7: similar results.

I can't say what the problem might be. Sorry.

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