[Scribus] is it just me?

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Sat Jan 29 18:37:05 CET 2005

It's not just you. Text entry directly into a text frame can be slow,
but there is this nifty feature called the "Story Editor." (In the toolbar,
it is the icon with the white page with blue borders and a pencil writing
on it. It allows easy text entry and paragraph style assignment. It lets
you focus on content without being distracted by form. For linked text
frames, it lets you edit the all the text at once. It is really slick.

Good luck.


Chris Turchin wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been playing with scribus for a while now and used it for making a
> calendar (1.2.1 beta then 1.2.1) just recently, my first 'real' project and it
> works great, but i have one question: when i have a large text area (the
> calendar is A3 and I have one text area that is about 1/3-1/2 of the page), the
> text entry is painfully slow, e.g. I can write a sentence, go grab a cup of
> coffee and when i get back it is finally on the screen. when i copy/paste text
> from elsewhere or import text this is not the case, but normal writing is
> somewhat tedious...
> is somehting configured wrong on my machine? i tried it in a longer (20 page)
> document and a one-pager and this had no effect, so i am not really sure what
> else i can check.
> any tips would be appreciated.
> thanks for a nice program, you got props in the colophon of my calendar. ;-)
> regards,
> --chirs
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