[Scribus] is it just me?

Chris Turchin chris
Fri Jan 28 09:42:38 CET 2005


I have been playing with scribus for a while now and used it for making a
calendar (1.2.1 beta then 1.2.1) just recently, my first 'real' project and it
works great, but i have one question: when i have a large text area (the
calendar is A3 and I have one text area that is about 1/3-1/2 of the page), the
text entry is painfully slow, e.g. I can write a sentence, go grab a cup of
coffee and when i get back it is finally on the screen. when i copy/paste text
from elsewhere or import text this is not the case, but normal writing is
somewhat tedious...
is somehting configured wrong on my machine? i tried it in a longer (20 page)
document and a one-pager and this had no effect, so i am not really sure what
else i can check.

any tips would be appreciated.

thanks for a nice program, you got props in the colophon of my calendar. ;-)



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