[Scribus] Printing 4-1-2-3

Peter Nermander m8130
Fri Jan 28 08:22:55 CET 2005

> Is there a option in scribus to print in this way? Haven't found it yet.

If you print to a postscript file you can use psbook and psnup (from psutils) to
perform that task.

Psnup does what the name says, but just printing N-up won't give you the pages
in correct order. That's where psbook comes in. It will rearrange the pages in
correct order. (Of course, if you can print N-up in some other way you will only
need psbook to rearrange the order of the pages.)

The other day I posted a message here about impositions, I have made a short
tutorial on impositions using pstops (also from psutils). With that tutorial you
can make more complex impositions (and possibly also adjust for creep).

http://nermander.homeip.net/imposition/ is the link to my tutorial.


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