[Scribus] Printing 4-1-2-3

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Jan 28 01:35:19 CET 2005

On Friday 28 January 2005 01:14, a001 at andreaskeller.com wrote:
> I'm new to DTP and Scribus. For this problem I haven't found a soluton in
> the mailing list archive.
> I want to do print four A5 pages on two A4 sized pages, in the order:  page
> #4 left and page #1 right on the first A4 page, and page #2 left and #3
> right on the second A4 page.
> Same with 12 A5 pages on 6 A4 pages, 16 A5 pages on 8 A4 pages etc, _in the
> right order_.
> Is there a option in scribus to print in this way? Haven't found it yet.
> Thanks. Andreas

When you go to print or export to PDF, there is a simple method for page 
reordering, and that is, select choose pages and type in 4,1,2,3 and it will 
export in that order. Handling page creep etc when page numbers get larger 
can be an issue. Printing 2 pages on 1 like you want can be handled in some 
instances by smarter print manager like kprinter, but as yet Scribus doesnt 
do that itself. Typically this is left to the print house, but at home user 
and some levels of professional printing certainly need this, a feature to 

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