[Scribus] Printing 4-1-2-3

a001 at andreaskeller.com a001
Fri Jan 28 01:14:36 CET 2005

I'm new to DTP and Scribus. For this problem I haven't found a soluton in the 
mailing list archive. 

I want to do print four A5 pages on two A4 sized pages, in the order:  page #4 
left and page #1 right on the first A4 page, and page #2 left and #3 right on 
the second A4 page.

Same with 12 A5 pages on 6 A4 pages, 16 A5 pages on 8 A4 pages etc, _in the 
right order_.

Is there a option in scribus to print in this way? Haven't found it yet. 
Thanks. Andreas

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