[Scribus] Printing 4-1-2-3

Wes Allen wezlo
Fri Jan 28 04:18:13 CET 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:

>On Friday 28 January 2005 01:14, a001 at andreaskeller.com wrote:
>>I'm new to DTP and Scribus. For this problem I haven't found a soluton in
>>the mailing list archive.
>>I want to do print four A5 pages on two A4 sized pages, in the order:  page
>>#4 left and page #1 right on the first A4 page, and page #2 left and #3
>>right on the second A4 page.
>>Same with 12 A5 pages on 6 A4 pages, 16 A5 pages on 8 A4 pages etc, _in the
>>right order_.
>>Is there a option in scribus to print in this way? Haven't found it yet.
>>Thanks. Andreas
I used impose+ to do this.  I print to a .ps file, and then run psbl on 
it (that's part of the impose+ package).

>When you go to print or export to PDF, there is a simple method for page 
>reordering, and that is, select choose pages and type in 4,1,2,3 and it will 
>export in that order. Handling page creep etc when page numbers get larger 
>can be an issue. Printing 2 pages on 1 like you want can be handled in some 
>instances by smarter print manager like kprinter, but as yet Scribus doesnt 
>do that itself. Typically this is left to the print house, but at home user 
>and some levels of professional printing certainly need this, a feature to 
Craig, I've had really bad luck getting 2-up booklet printing to work 
with kprinter, do you know of a tutorial anywhere?


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