[Scribus] Scribus goes College

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 27 02:56:04 CET 2005

Bruno Carvalho wrote:

>There's one thing that would help very much in this aspect: a windows port 
>(argh, I know) should be very useful for the students, which have - I'm sorry 
>for them - Windows boxes on their homes and a very high resistence to 
>change... Offering the same tools in both Linux and Windows (like Gimp, 
>Inkscape and OpenOffice.org) would be a great step towards a wider acceptance 
>of Scribus.
If there is anything that ought to speak to students, it's money.  Most 
of them probably couldn't or wouldn't pay for something similar in Windows.
Peter Linnell has filled us in some time ago about the problems with a 
Windows port, so basically it's a dead issue.

This would be the perfect opportunity for those students to try out a 
Knoppix disk -- it has Scribus, installs itself, and won't "ruin" their 
Windows installation.  With the right setup, they can even save their 
work done in Knoppix.  Who knows? They might eventually consider 
converting to a dual-boot Windows-Linux system.


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