[Scribus] Scribus goes College

Bruno Carvalho brunocpt
Thu Jan 27 02:31:42 CET 2005

Hello, everybody!

I'm the academic director of a recently authorized College institution on 
Brasilia, Brasil, and I thought you would like to know that we are planning 
on using Scribus as our tool of choice for the DTP classes on the 
Communications courses.

There's one thing that would help very much in this aspect: a windows port 
(argh, I know) should be very useful for the students, which have - I'm sorry 
for them - Windows boxes on their homes and a very high resistence to 
change... Offering the same tools in both Linux and Windows (like Gimp, 
Inkscape and OpenOffice.org) would be a great step towards a wider acceptance 
of Scribus.

Anyway, WE will use and recommend it.

Congratulations for the excellent work!

Prof. MSc. Bruno Carvalho C. Souza
Diretor Geral
Faculdade de Tecnologia Equipe Darwin
E-mail: bruno at equipedarwin.com.br

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