[Scribus] Quark user's questions

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jan 27 02:26:56 CET 2005

John Kershaw wrote:

> Absolutely. It's obvious that a great deal of work has been put into 
> Scribus, I'm just observing a few 'rough edges' from a Quarker's point 
> of view. I'm guessing you want them to be able to make the switch with 
> minimum learning curve.

I don't think that Scribus came about with the purpose of being a 
Quark-killer, nor was the interface developed to specifically make Quark 
users happy.
I would suspect there might be some liability issues if the operational 
features of Quark were copied closely.
On the other hand, what you will find with Scribus is that the crew 
developing it do listen to all suggestions and pick out the good ones, 
which is why it has been developing so fast.  I've seen operational 
features change within 24 hrs of their suggestion (when they're really 


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