[Scribus] Quark user's questions

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke
Thu Jan 27 12:07:41 CET 2005

John Kershaw wrote:
> Nor am I talking about slavishly following Quark/ID 
> interface/method/whatever. But Quark stole the market from Aldus 
> because it 'fitted' more closely how people expected things to work. 
> Quark, after a lot of use, feels like hand in glove. You think it, 
> you do it. It mimics how you would do stuff if you were working with 
> paper cutouts on a real pasteboard. That's why people like it. Golly, 
> they must do to learn all the myriad shortcuts! I'm saying there are 
> things that Quark/ID do right - there's a reason people spend all 
> that cash purchasing them. (Which is not to say there aren't lots of 
> things that should be avoided).

This may be true at a certain time. But all designstudios I know does
not spend a single paid minute to evalute things. They use Quark,
because "everybody" uses it. They don't pay their employees to learn a
new programm, they don't pay freelancers to learn a new programm when
they come in to help out. It is the same thing as with M$Office. They
all use word, because all use word even if word regulary killed their
work when the deadline comes near. 

I see designers restart their Mac ten times a day and more, because
Quark segfaults or the network was down or whatever. They don't get
their work done because their tools are worse than windows apps from M$.

I think that we will see a lot of improvements in scribus in the near
future, I hope that scribus will not simply follow the Quark or Indesign
path but the best path to achieve your aim: making a terrfic artwork in
the most intuitive _and_ efficient way. And therefore I think all hints
from users of other programs are more than welcome. 


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