[Scribus] Quark user's questions

John Kershaw john
Wed Jan 26 23:39:13 CET 2005

At 11:11 pm +0100 26/1/05, Craig Bradney wrote:
>You have a context menu.. Ok it should be in the item menu, but a context menu
>is more intuitive and takes less time.

We disagree.

>Tools->Scrapbook. Theres no space around the pages in 1.2.x to use as scratch

There's plenty of space. It's just greyed out. Page layout is about 
fitting a bunch of objects into a page-sized space. When the page is 
finished, all the space is used up (white space notwithstanding). So 
when you start, it stands to reason you need space to put all the 
bits in, in a spatially compatible fashion. When you do a jigsaw you 

a) leave all the pieces in the box til you need em

b) put all the pieces in the middle of the table and try to 'work around them'

c) spread the pieces around the outside of the jigsaw area and them 
into position as required

I think most jigsaw and DTP fans would go for c)

>Its actually request a lot less than you would think.

Then you have a lot of techies using Scribus. Techies know where they 
want to put the object before they create it. Designers... (don't get 
me started on designers...) move and tinker, and try this idea, no, 
go back and try it there, maybe here...

>However .. wait until
>1.3.0 is released :)

What's the time frame on that?

>Thanks for being reasonable and polite, unlike our previous "friend" from
>recent times.

Absolutely. It's obvious that a great deal of work has been put into 
Scribus, I'm just observing a few 'rough edges' from a Quarker's 
point of view. I'm guessing you want them to be able to make the 
switch with minimum learning curve. I wanted to get as much off my 
chest as possible before I forgot - you can only try something for 
the first time once :(

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