[Scribus] Quark user's questions

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jan 26 23:11:19 CET 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 22:54, John Kershaw wrote:
> At 10:36 pm +0100 26/1/05, Bo?tjan ?peti? wrote:
> >>a) Where is 'Get Picture' in the menus? I eventually found it in the
> >>cmd-click contextual menu, but where it's equivalent in the menus?
> >
> >i think there isn't one...
> Um, there probably should be. Kinda essential feature of a DTP app...

You have a context menu.. Ok it should be in the item menu, but a context menu 
is more intuitive and takes less time.

> >>b) Once the picture is in, I can't nudge it around with the cursor
> >>keys, only with the mouse, which is not fine enough control over
> >>placement
> >
> >you can nudge the picture frame...
> The picture frame is already exactly in the
> correct place, lined up with all the other
> frames. I want to nudge the image within the
> frame, because the person's head is too close to
> the top of the frame. I'm completely happy with
> its horizontal placement within the frame, and
> don't want to muck that up by dragging with the
> mouse.

Please submit a feature request on bugs.scribus.net for nudging images within 
a frame.

> >>c) Clicking out of a picture box moves the image! After inserting an
> >>image and moving it around, the photo always jumps into the top-left
> >>corner of the frame! Thereafter it works as expected.
> >
> >well, the point of picture frames as i get it
> >is, that you place the photo in them, and then
> >place them (frames) on the page.
> Not usually. A layout is often created with
> placeholder frames, with instructions for
> cropping the hi-res scans. The scans are then
> dropped in, then sized/cropped. But that's not my
> problem. My problem is, after I've carefully
> positioned the photo in the frame, when I click
> out of the frame to select another object, the
> photo 'jumps' into the top-left corner of the
> frame. It moves by itself! Monstrous!
> >>d) How do I turn off the gridlines? I set 'Guides in front' but then
> >>I had a criss-cross green mesh all over my screen. The only way to
> >>'hide' it seems to be to set the spacing to the width of the page!
> >>Seems that the 'View' menu should contain 'Show/hide guides/grid'
> >>(since they're related to viewing) whilst 'Snap to guides/grid'
> >>should be in the Settings menu. Odd.
> >
> >there actually is one. view->show grid / show guides
> Okay, I fired Scribus back up to check. You're
> right. Maybe it should be moved next to the
> 'Snap' options (or in sub-menus as per OOo?).
> On the other hand, where's the pasteboard? No Show/Hide option for that :(

Tools->Scrapbook. Theres no space around the pages in 1.2.x to use as scratch 

> >>f) X-scale/y-scale is unlocked by default - dispro fitting is very
> >>rarely desired. Having the two locked together by default would make
> >>more sense.
> >
> >i totally agree with you. if not the default, it
> >should at least stay as i left it. i really hate
> >this one... :)
> I thought they *were* sticking, but in my
> reopened doc it reverted to unlocked. Baaad!
> >>g) Undo doesn't work! This takes the biscuit! I moved an image inside
> >>the frame (by accident - I meant to move the frame itself). I hit
> >>ctrl-Z and nothing happened! Edit > Undo object move and still
> >>nothing happened.
> >
> >undo will work in the next release... (so they promised ;)
> Oh my. A DTP app without undo?

Its actually request a lot less than you would think. However .. wait until 
1.3.0 is released :)

> Further to my copy/paste query, I just copied the
> first page's photos to the clipboard and the
> application quit. Oh dear. After the 'Giant
> Killer' bravado of this week I presumed
> Quark/Adobe had something to be worried about. It
> appears not :(
> >>At this point I'm afraid I quit Scribus and fired up InDesign. Sorry :(
> >
> >well, at least try again sometime...
> I will. Keep up the good work guys.

Thanks for being reasonable and polite, unlike our previous "friend" from 
recent times.

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