[Scribus] Quark user's questions

wayne iw
Wed Jan 26 23:24:14 CET 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 11:54 am, John Kershaw wrote:

> >>b) Once the picture is in, I can't nudge it around with the cursor
> >>keys, only with the mouse, which is not fine enough control over
> >>placement
> >
> >you can nudge the picture frame...
> The picture frame is already exactly in the
> correct place, lined up with all the other
> frames. I want to nudge the image within the
> frame, because the person's head is too close to
> the top of the frame. I'm completely happy with
> its horizontal placement within the frame, and
> don't want to muck that up by dragging with the
> mouse.

Go to the Properties >Image window and click in either the X or Y Position 
boxes. You can use the scroll arrows, mouse scroll wheel or the keyboard 
arrow keys to nudge the image within the frame (after double clicking on the 
image). Holding down the Shift key will allow finer adjustments.


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