[Scribus] Quark user's questions

John Kershaw john
Wed Jan 26 22:54:45 CET 2005

At 10:36 pm +0100 26/1/05, Bo?tjan ?peti? wrote:
>>a) Where is 'Get Picture' in the menus? I eventually found it in the
>>cmd-click contextual menu, but where it's equivalent in the menus?
>i think there isn't one...

Um, there probably should be. Kinda essential feature of a DTP app...

>>b) Once the picture is in, I can't nudge it around with the cursor
>>keys, only with the mouse, which is not fine enough control over
>you can nudge the picture frame...

The picture frame is already exactly in the 
correct place, lined up with all the other 
frames. I want to nudge the image within the 
frame, because the person's head is too close to 
the top of the frame. I'm completely happy with 
its horizontal placement within the frame, and 
don't want to muck that up by dragging with the 

>>c) Clicking out of a picture box moves the image! After inserting an
>>image and moving it around, the photo always jumps into the top-left
>>corner of the frame! Thereafter it works as expected.
>well, the point of picture frames as i get it 
>is, that you place the photo in them, and then 
>place them (frames) on the page.

Not usually. A layout is often created with 
placeholder frames, with instructions for 
cropping the hi-res scans. The scans are then 
dropped in, then sized/cropped. But that's not my 
problem. My problem is, after I've carefully 
positioned the photo in the frame, when I click 
out of the frame to select another object, the 
photo 'jumps' into the top-left corner of the 
frame. It moves by itself! Monstrous!

>>d) How do I turn off the gridlines? I set 'Guides in front' but then
>>I had a criss-cross green mesh all over my screen. The only way to
>>'hide' it seems to be to set the spacing to the width of the page!
>>Seems that the 'View' menu should contain 'Show/hide guides/grid'
>>(since they're related to viewing) whilst 'Snap to guides/grid'
>>should be in the Settings menu. Odd.
>there actually is one. view->show grid / show guides

Okay, I fired Scribus back up to check. You're 
right. Maybe it should be moved next to the 
'Snap' options (or in sub-menus as per OOo?).

On the other hand, where's the pasteboard? No Show/Hide option for that :(

>>f) X-scale/y-scale is unlocked by default - dispro fitting is very
>>rarely desired. Having the two locked together by default would make
>>more sense.
>i totally agree with you. if not the default, it 
>should at least stay as i left it. i really hate 
>this one... :)

I thought they *were* sticking, but in my 
reopened doc it reverted to unlocked. Baaad!

>>g) Undo doesn't work! This takes the biscuit! I moved an image inside
>>the frame (by accident - I meant to move the frame itself). I hit
>>ctrl-Z and nothing happened! Edit > Undo object move and still
>>nothing happened.
>undo will work in the next release... (so they promised ;)

Oh my. A DTP app without undo?

Further to my copy/paste query, I just copied the 
first page's photos to the clipboard and the 
application quit. Oh dear. After the 'Giant 
Killer' bravado of this week I presumed 
Quark/Adobe had something to be worried about. It 
appears not :(

>>At this point I'm afraid I quit Scribus and fired up InDesign. Sorry :(
>well, at least try again sometime...

I will. Keep up the good work guys.

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