[Scribus] Applescript to python tutorial?

John Kershaw john
Wed Jan 26 13:15:25 CET 2005

At 7:20 pm +0800 26/1/05, Craig Ringer wrote:
>  > We have a dozen or so Applescripts that perform a range of tasks for
>>  us in Quark 3 running under Classic. I'd dearly like to dump it (and
>>  Classic) for Scribus, but need to get my head around scripting.
>Ooh! Is there any chance you can post descriptions of what they do (on-
>list, or private if you prefer)? What's really needed now is more real-
>world use cases, exactly like what you describe.

Attached (plain text - you'd need Quark and Filemaker running to 
compile it). It also calls some routines from 'houses.lib' but I 
don't have a text version of that here and don't fancy firing 
everything up just to make one, esp since you probably don't need it.

It basically creates a 42 page magazine from a blank Quark template. 
There are 14 branches, each chooses 2/3/4 pages worth of property to 
go in the magazine. The script does the following:

a) query Filemaker for the list of branch codes (one per office)
b) loop through branches, grab double box properties then singles box 
c) place double boxes in 'middle' of each page, according to a 
pre-determined 'best appearance' lookup table. Boxes appear to be 
octagonal (no, really), but are actually composed of two irregular 
hexagons abutted to each other, sitting atop a black octogon. They're 
1pt smaller than the octagon, so it looks like a single box with two 
d) pull picture from Finder, resize. Add text from Filemaker

The branches stopped using Filemaker ages ago, now everything's run 
via MySQL online. We export from MySQL to tab-separated, and then 
back into Filemaker to run the script. Presumably with a scripter 
setup we could grab directly from the MySQL database on the web?

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