[Scribus] (no subject)

Owen Cook rcook
Mon Jan 24 21:14:13 CET 2005

On 24 Jan 2005, maarten at mplusplus.nl wrote:

> I'm new in this list, so forgive if the topic has been chewed out already, but I've got a few questions. 
> -I'm intending to make up my master-thesis in Scribus and I am not an computer-science student. What do you reckon, coudl it be a could idea? (I'm graduating in Industrial Design) 
> -Would Scribus be able to import anything else but plain txt? Something like RTF, HTML,  OppenOffice  or even (eeek!) MSWord? LaTeX?

It can import from OO and keep the styles, you need to experiment to find
the limits.

Create a Text box(es)

File->Import->Get Text


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