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Petr Vaněk petr
Mon Jan 24 20:45:41 CET 2005

welcome Marten

On Monday 24 of January 2005 20:40, maarten at mplusplus.nl wrote:
> -I'm intending to make up my master-thesis in Scribus and I am not an
> computer-science student. What do you reckon, coudl it be a could idea?
> (I'm graduating in Industrial Design)

I'm sure you can. I've got one thing in my mind - you could have problems
with tables. I suppose (as you are "art-technical" student) you will need 
tables... there are several hacks for tables management because tables in 
Scribus are little bit weak.
You can create table in e.g. OOo save/print it as EPS then insert as image.

BTW I know some schools/universities which have templates done in LaTeX/MS 
Word (as I had with my thesis years ago[*]). You can expect time consuming 
tasks to fit it right in Scribus. Propably ;)

and one more issue: Scribus is not text editor. You can write texts in it of 
course *BUT* it's quite uncomfortable. The best what you can do - and it's 
"common DTP workflow" - is to have text before using scribus, then specify 
styles for paragraphs and titles, and then apply these styles on text.

> -Would Scribus be able to import anything else but plain txt? Something
> like RTF, HTML,  OppenOffice  or even (eeek!) MSWord? LaTeX?

txt, OOo, MS Word via OOo, HTML.

[*] - but there was no Scribus (or I didn't know about it) so I was saved from 
this to_be_or_not_to_bee question :)


P.S.: I do appologise for my large "smalltalks" above. I'm sure you know it 
all already. I'm just too tired to stop writting my useless characters... 

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