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Plinnell scribusdocs
Mon Jan 24 23:39:32 CET 2005

On Monday 24 January 2005 20:40, maarten at mplusplus.nl wrote:
> Dear Everybody,
> I'm new in this list, so forgive if the topic has been chewed out already,
> but I've got a few questions.

No its not...
> -I'm intending to make up my master-thesis in Scribus and I am not an
> computer-science student. What do you reckon, coudl it be a could idea?
> (I'm graduating in Industrial Design)
> -Would Scribus be able to import anything else but plain txt? Something
> like RTF, HTML,  OppenOffice  or even (eeek!) MSWord? LaTeX?

The OO.org importer both Writer and Draw are very reliable IMO.
> -Is there an open source alternative for AutoCad other then QCad? Like 3D?
> Ik hope I can pose them here. I got very enthousiastic when I discovered
> this OpenSource version of Quark Express. I think it even works better...!
> Kind regards, and thanks a lot already,
> Maarten

Some other thoughts:

Keep your chapters in separate files.. It will help.

EPS of tables from OO.org works OK. They will be rasterized on import.

Use good fonts.. there are a lot of notes in the docs how and why.

Get the latest version 1.2.1 and do not be afraid to use CVS or CVS snapshots. 
It is a kind of point of pride that our CVS usually as stable as releases.

Post non-obvious questions here.. this is a friendly and active list, as is 

Productive text work depends on using styles well laid out in advance. It is 
the "DTP way" of doing things, but once you adapt, you will see the 


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