[Scribus] (no subject)

maarten at mplusplus.nl maarten
Mon Jan 24 20:40:01 CET 2005

Dear Everybody,

I'm new in this list, so forgive if the topic has been chewed out already, but I've got a few questions. 

-I'm intending to make up my master-thesis in Scribus and I am not an computer-science student. What do you reckon, coudl it be a could idea? (I'm graduating in Industrial Design) 

-Would Scribus be able to import anything else but plain txt? Something like RTF, HTML,  OppenOffice  or even (eeek!) MSWord? LaTeX?

-Is there an open source alternative for AutoCad other then QCad? Like 3D?

Ik hope I can pose them here. I got very enthousiastic when I discovered this OpenSource version of Quark Express. I think it even works better...!

Kind regards, and thanks a lot already,


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