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Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Jan 15 09:51:46 CET 2005


> My name is Ludi and I'm a graphic designer,
> I want to thank you for the beautiful work done in Scribus.

Welcome, and thanks.

> The program has reach almost everything possible for a designer.


> But, how anything is perfect...
> I'm Brazilian, so I speak Brazilian Portuguese.

There were two people interested in creating a translation for Brazilian 
Portugese in the recent weeks. I havent heard back yet.

> When I try to write words with ?, ? or ? nothing happens...
> Take a look at screenshot...
> In Story Editor the things looks ok, but when I try to write directly to
> text frame, the ~ and ? aren't show up...
> When I try to up date the text frame through story editor, the same
> problem.
> I already change the fonts and use "Font Style" but nothing happens too...

This has come up with a few languages, but the only explanation I can see is 
that it might be input locale related or system related in some way as I can 
type those characters just fine (I'm using a Swiss French keyboard on a 
laptop, with British English default in KDE).

> Last but not list, when I highlight a text the program crash.

This might relate to the above. If you feel like compiling Scribus you can use 
the --enable-debug option on configure to get some more information where the 
crash is occurring.

> I use SuSE 9.2 and I have installed the Scribus 1.2.1, but I have faced
> the same trouble with suse official's package, the guru's package and
> your package in sourceforge.
> I want to know to, how can I use Inkscape in Brazilian Portuguese and I
> have some suggestions:
> Support to PDF X3 (it's much improved than another version, principal in
> transparency and color);

We do. You have to have Colour Management compiled in, setup and activated for 
it to be available.

> Support to Portuguese interface ;

As above.

> Use OpenOffice dictionary to check spelling;

Could do, though there are more universal ones though, certainly in the form 
of libraries.

> Integration with InkScape.

We work closely with the Inkscape team, we will see what comes of this more in 
the future. 

> Sorry my worst and wrong english.

No.. its fine. :)

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