[Scribus] New release information

BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Jan 9 04:04:34 CET 2005

Russ wrote:

> Thanks Peter I just downloaded the SuSE 9.1 RPM. Still unsure of a couple of 
> things:
> 1. Should I uninstall the older version first?
> 2. Should I backup the templates, Styles etc I have made? Will they work with 
> new version? 
> 3. What happens with the links to the clip art used in my newsletter? 
> Thanks foer your ha elp and my news letter I had to mail today came out fine 
> from the print shop. I save it as pdf and also have a need for the ability to 
> easily rotate items as mentioned in other posts on the list. Much better that 
> using MS Publisher? 
> If you get this twice I'm sorry, but I'm going to try the install tomorrow or 
> Tuesday.

If you originally installed via a RPM, then there is no need to remove 
the old first, as the new rpm will locate any previous versions and 
remove them first anyway.

You might want to backup your templates, unless you have them located in 
your /home directory where they wouldn't be touched.  If they are within 
the Scribus installed directory, then yes, make a backup!

The links to the clipart should not be bothered, unless the clipart 
directory is moved to a different location.  As long as the links still 
point to the same location for your clipart, all should be working after 
the update.


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