[Scribus] Re: Scribus and WYSIWYG

Dave Spagnol davecs
Mon Jan 3 18:10:37 CET 2005

I have to agree with Mark Kimsal. The text editor should be exactly that. It 
should not attempt to follow the colour of the font at all, it's a pain 
having to change the background colour in the text editor to use white text.

I can see a point in rendering the font, though. There may be times when the 
glyphs are non-standard or you are using a symbol font, or maybe you are 
using a character that does not appear in many standard fonts. So maybe have 
switchable font rendering in the text editor, however, only at a standard 
size, not actual size.

That said, I have to remark that every time I get a CVS update, something has 
improved. I look forward to off-page storage of objects (pasteboard) and 
decent quality import of wmf files. "libwmf" is poor, would the license of 
OpenOffice allow a copy of its code which renders/imports various file types? 
As far as I can see, OOo does the best wmf import in Linux.

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