[Scribus] Scribus and WYSIWYG

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Jan 4 01:49:59 CET 2005

? (At) 0h09 +0100 4/01/05, Craig Bradney ?crivait (wrote) :
>What Craig Ringer says is right here..
>Scribus can use fonts that are NOT installed in your system and will have the
>capability to do so even more in the future so your Qt just WILL NOT know
>about these fonts, and therefore using a text editor based gui (rather than
>implementing a new page like canvas which would slow things down)

And we don't want things to be slowed down!

>  > I don't know if there are any plans to try to draw text in its real font
>>  and size in the story editor later. It'd be useful, but could also cause
>>  problems (imagine working on a very large document with huge type, or on
>  > very small high detail type).

Right. And we must remember what the story editor is there for. 
Wysiwyg is only a click away. Editing angled or colored or outlined 
or large or small or very small text is a breeze in the story editor 
and a pain in wysiwig. Therefore, if what you see is what you get, 
what you get can be hard to edit... and this is why we need the story 
editor. Now, don't shoot it, it's only the story editor! On top, 
nothing prevents users from small editing tasks right in the text 

Peter Nermander mentionned that italic and bold are impossible to see 
in the story editor and I guess he's got a point here. This could 
(should?) be addressed in some way, if at all possible (underlined, 
colored, bracketted text, or even mark-ups...?).



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