[Scribus] scribus and freetype2 problem...

Matthias Gessl matthias_gessl
Thu Feb 17 10:50:46 CET 2005

hi all,

i have a problem running scribus with newer versions of freetype 2 (at the 
moment 2.1.9 but it seems to be all versions > 2.1.3).
using newer versions i get a crash on startup. i tracked down the problem to a 
line in 'scfonts.cpp', in method 'void SCFonts::AddScalableFonts(const 
QString &path)' the line 
't->cached_RealName = QString(FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face));' seems to be 
responsible for this crash... seems like FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face) returns 
null (it doesn't do so in freetype-2.1.3)...
oh yes, i should mention... this happens when scribus scans my truetype fonts.


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