[Scribus] Looking for a way to import Word-Doc

Steven Boothe steven
Thu Feb 17 08:22:51 CET 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 10:41 -0800, Russ wrote:
>>My big problem has been coverting my MS Pub documents, basically I
>>rebuilt them in Scribus.
> Unfortunately there aren't many options there. I expect it'd be possible
> to write an MS Publisher importer plugin, but one would need
> documentation on the format and a *lot* of time. Plus, if I recall
> correctly the Publisher format changes more version-to-version than most
> other DTP formats (which is saying something!) so one might end up
> writing more than one related importer. Ouch.
> Can you get the Publisher users to export their text content and images
> then provide you with a PDF proof? That's what I normally do here when
> advertisers try to send us MS Publisher despite the big red letters in
> our accepted formats list.

Yes, you might also consider how much help PDFcreator might offer as 
well. This is basically a GPL'd distiller equivalent for windows. You 
would just install this software and then print to it as if it was a 
printer, which would result in your being prompted for the filename of 
the PDF you are about to create. Find out more here:

Home page:

Sourceforge project page:

Hopefully that helps somewhat.



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