[Scribus] Looking for a way to import Word-Doc

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Thu Feb 17 09:07:55 CET 2005

?ukasz Jernas' schrieb:
> Dnia s'roda, 16 lutego 2005 18:24, Eilert napisa?:
>>Once a month I get a Word-Document with a large table in A4 landscape
>>(schedule) which has to be included into a Scribus document. Up to now,
>>I just copied the print-out onto the already printed pages... :-(
>>Well, does anyone know a way of getting such a thing into a Scribus page
>>like inserting an image?
> You can try exporting it to PDF from OpenOffice.org and then "import" it into 
> an image frame in Scribus...

When I read this I thought "wow! That's the solution!", but now I'm 
rather disappointed:

I tried to save an eps from Word and converted it with Distiller. 
Reading it in, it turns out to be rather "rough", i. e. you cannot 
really read it, letters are ruined. The same with OOo, and OOo cannot 
convert all the shadows in the table lines, too. So it looks even more ugly.

Do I have an influence on the ready pdf to appear better?


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