[Scribus] CMYK Handling

Samudra Reiher maillist
Wed Feb 9 23:50:40 CET 2005

David Purton wrote:

> Hang out for a little longer. I'll upload a patch that will let you do
> this tonight.
> The CMYK tiff anyway.

Good to hear that, I hope your patch will work also under freebsd.

> Scribus uses gs to rasterise pdfs to RGB when you include them. This is
> non-trivial to change.

Yep, i've seen this in sourcecode. If you need some help just ask :-)

> Your best option in this case will be to use the tiff32nc device present
> in ghostscript 8.50 and rasterise the pdf yourself first to a CMYK tiff.

Ok, thats a usual workaround. I have coded a small gui application that 
does all the graphic commandline stuff for me :-)


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