[Scribus] importing "articles"

Riku Leino riku
Wed Feb 9 17:53:45 CET 2005

Phil Hughes wrote:
> We have used Quark for magazine layout of Linux Journal for over 10
> years. I am working on a new project and would like to use Scribus.
> We have never had a "human" sitting with the layout program in front
> of them highlighting and tagging headlines and such. What we do is
> start with essentially an Docbook-XML source document and then
> translate it into what we need. That includes HTML and a Quark tagged
> file. In the case of Quark, the layout person just plops down a
> template page and imports the Quark tagged document.
> This seems like it should be very easy with Scribus (as it uses XML)
> but I don't see an obvious answer. Am I missing something or do I need
> to be creative?
> Thanks.

You could build a text filter that could be used to import text from 
your text file format where paragraph and headers are marked with 
something. Then use a document template where you've set up the 
paragraph styles and import text to that document using the Text Filter 
importer rather than the plain text importer. In text filter importer 
it's possible assign paragraph styles to paragraphs based on some 
tagging you have in the file. This way ther person doesn't need to do 
anything else than load up the doc template and use get text to get the 

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