[Scribus] importing "articles"

Phil Hughes fyl
Wed Feb 9 17:44:46 CET 2005

We have used Quark for magazine layout of Linux Journal for over 10
years. I am working on a new project and would like to use Scribus.

We have never had a "human" sitting with the layout program in front
of them highlighting and tagging headlines and such. What we do is
start with essentially an Docbook-XML source document and then
translate it into what we need. That includes HTML and a Quark tagged
file. In the case of Quark, the layout person just plops down a
template page and imports the Quark tagged document.

This seems like it should be very easy with Scribus (as it uses XML)
but I don't see an obvious answer. Am I missing something or do I need
to be creative?

Phil Hughes, fyl at a42.com  Phone: 505-841-2675 
Aptdo. Postal 201, Estel?, Estel?, NICARAGUA 

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