[Scribus] Fw: [Scribus 0000015]: Windows Port

Steven Boothe steven
Mon Feb 7 19:10:55 CET 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 17:50 +0100, Maciej Hanski wrote:
>>Hi list, 
>>QT for Windows will be  under GPL for Open Source projects from now
>>on. This could be of some interest for the Windows devs on the list:
>>see the last note by  hskottowe in the following feature request.
> [snip]
>>Does this new announcement about QT4 for Windows being dual-licensed help
>>with producing a Windows port that will work without requiring users to
>>download other software (like a QT .dll)?
> I was hoping one of the dev team would address this, but I'll leap in.
> While my understanding is that Scribus could be ported to windows with
> this, it's not just a matter of recompiling because of the usual porting
> stuff, juggling dependencies, etc.
> Additionally, it's very important to realise this is for Qt4 and Qt4
> only. Scribus is *nowhere* *near* being compatible with Qt4. My personal
> understanding is that it's on the roadmap "somewhere after 1.4" but I'm
> sure one of the friendly devs can answer that properly.
> The changes between Qt3 and Qt4 are big and invasive. It's a non-trivial
> port.
> In other words, patience is probably going to be required unless you
> feel like taking a lot of work upon yourself...

And to further keep things in perspective to reiterate a previously 
posted response to this issue by Plinnell:

> A true native port to Windows would require a thorough knowledge of
> Scribus  code and Qt on windows, well as knowledge of Windows fonts and
> printing systems.
> Its developer constraints which prevent us spending much time on a
> port at the  moment.

So at best it would seem that at best when all of the additional issues 
of migrating scribus to QT4 have been addressed, then it may be that an 
*opportunity* to port scribus may be a little bit more accessable, but 
without the time and or developers with the knowledge or interest to 
take it on, it will continue to be just that, an *opportunity* that is 
just a bit more accessable once scribus has been ported to QT4 - which 
in itself appears to present a significant task. *sigh* I'm just as 
eager as the next person, but also have to be extremely thankful for 
what we have now. Or to quote Nkosi Johnson:

"Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place 
you are." Nkosi Johnson

Nkosi Johnson, who died in 2001 of AIDS at age 12, inspired millions in 
Africa and around the world to action in the fight against the epidemic. 
The South African boy is the subject of a new book by ABC newsman Jim 
Wooten, who says Johnson's courage in the face of death was deeply moving.


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