[Scribus] Interesting article

Riku Leino riku
Sat Feb 5 20:42:26 CET 2005

Graham Monk wrote:
> My main point in bringing it to the list was to ask if the developers
> think they would get some benefit from working directly with the other
> developers to polish the file interfaces etc, not sure what word I 
> need here as am not a developer.
> Still think it would be a good idea for the meeting somewhere
> nice, simply as a reward for all the great work you guys have done.

 From a developer's point of view I must say this sounds like a good 
idea. Although I'd enjoy more working with other Scribus developers 
together than meeting people from other projects.

If someone could guarantee my living for a week or two with other 
developers I wouldn't mind that. But for starters It would be enough to 
just have all the Scribus coders there. Would have loads of things to 
sort out and discuss. Irc and mailing lists are good but meeting face to 
face is still a different deal and if we even had time to do some coding 
I just can't imagine the results.


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