[Scribus] Interesting article

Graham Monk gdmonk
Sat Feb 5 20:29:25 CET 2005

On Saturday 05 February 2005 08:16, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Graham Monk wrote:
> >Here
> >
> >http://software.newsforge.com/software/05/02/02/215259.shtml?tid=75&tid=13
> >1&tid=132
> >
> >Would the developers like to comment? maybe someone like IBM or Novell or
> >RedHat or maybe all 3 would sponsor a meeting for the key developers to
> > meet up for a couple of weeks somewhere nice and have a mass hack
> > session?
> Peter, as you note, made some very direct rebuttals to this article in
> the comment space.
> It seems that a lot of the criticism of Scribus tends to come from two
> different groups, the Impatient and the Proscibers:

I actually didn't read the article as being a criticism, though having
thought about it some more it could well be taken as such.

For Myself, I have ZERO complaints, sure, some stuff could be better,
thats allways the case even with ( especially with? ) expensive boxed
software. I am frankly amazed at the speed of progress in Scribus.

My main point in bringing it to the list was to ask if the developers
think they would get some benefit from working directly with the other
developers to polish the file interfaces etc, not sure what word I 
need here as am not a developer. I had missed to a large extent
the allready great work you have done with GIMP and Inkscape.
I will go back and practice more with this
I certainly didn't mean to insult anyone and apologize if that
happened. Still think it would be a good idea for the meeting somewhere
nice, simply as a reward for all the great work you guys have done.


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