[Scribus] Re: two columns / how ?

stu seven stuseven
Sat Feb 5 00:57:40 CET 2005

> > *** Louis - thanks, some good suggestions, but I need to explain,
> > *** the two columns are produced from the menu columns item...

>I think you are misunderstandings something here. If you have a single text
>frame with several columns you can not handle the two columns as two 
>items. It is just ONE text frame, thus ONE block of text. When the first
>column is full the text will automatically flow into the second column.

*** I didnt know that...  and explains the trouble.  Thank you.
*** Now my question would be... if I do want a two column page, how
*** can I combine two different edited pages, or text files, each with one
*** column (half a page wide), so the final looks like ONE page with 2 
columns :)
*** Thats all Im trying to do.
*** The first page looks like "aaa's"...        the second page looks like 
                aaaaa |                                                |  
                aaaaa |  (right                             (left    | bbbbb
                aaaaa |    side                              side    |bbbbb
                aaaaa |   empty)                        empty) | bbbbb
                aaaaa |                                                | 

*** in other words, with both page, I pretend a two column layout, but
*** edit just one column width space.
*** _and then combined to one page, with two columns, should look like 

                                     aaaaa | bbbbb
                                     aaaaa | bbbbb
                                     aaaaa | bbbbb
                                     aaaaa | bbbbb
                                     aaaaa | bbbbb

*** How can I do this_ combining two pages or files to one ?

>There is no way to import or enter text only into the second column. (I 
>think Scribus supports "column breaks"??)


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