[Scribus] problem with two columns

Peter Nermander m8130
Fri Feb 4 08:56:42 CET 2005

> *** Louis - thanks, some good suggestions, but I need to explain,
> *** the two columns are produced from the menu columns item...
> *** this does include gutters, and there were no text boxes, just
> *** the default spaces for two columns.
> *** Maybe "lock to grid" will fix somthing here_ I will try that, and
> *** thanks again for reply.

I think you are misunderstandings something here. If you have a single text
frame with several columns you can not handle the two columns as two separate
items. It is just ONE text frame, thus ONE block of text. When the first
column is full the text will automatically flow into the second column.

There is no way to import or enter text only into the second column. (I don't
think Scribus supports "column breaks"??)

The number of columns only handle how the text is displayed, not how it is


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