[Scribus] ISO page sizes

Pierre Abbat phma
Fri Feb 4 12:26:35 CET 2005

I'm looking at the page size selector in Scribus, and the dimensions for ISO 
paper sizes (A0, B0, etc. - why no C?) are slightly off. All these sizes are 
defined as powers of the eighth root of 2 times a meter and then rounded to 
millimeters. So B0, going by the irrational value, is 1000.000*1414.214, 
which is rounded to 1000*1414 - but Scribus says it's 1000.478*1413.933. 
Similarly A0 is 840.896*1189.207, rounded to 841*1189, but Scribus says it's 
839.611*1188.155. All the other A and B sizes are computed by dividing sides 
alternately by 2. The Scribus dimensions are rounded to points, but the sizes 
are defined in millimeters.

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