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Craig Ringer craig
Fri Dec 23 20:48:04 CET 2005

On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 01:43:34PM +0100, Christian Zwahlen wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 22.12.2005, 18:34 -0200 schrieb Ludi Maciel:
> > 1.3.6 
> >  Crop, fold, registration capability #194,1113,1116 
> >  Bleed capability #129, 1041 
> In Version 1.3.6, how long one I have to wait?

"When it's ready"

We all have limited time, and nobody's getting paid for this. Features
are prioritised largely according to the roadmap, but some things get
delayed and some get done much earlier than the roadmap would suggest.
Things often change or move around if internal code fixes, cleanups, and
improvements make a big job into a small, easy one.

Given this, it's really impossible to say. Like with most open source
projects, you can of course help make it happen. The most direct way for
registration/crop/colour marks would be to write a Python script to do
what you want - I think this is entirely within the capabilities of the
current Python interface. If it is not, I'd be willing to help enhance
the interface where needed to make it possible.

(On a side note, now that Scribus supports PyQt, it'd be REALLY cool to
have a graphical crop marks and registration script, but I lack the time
to do it...)

> Meanwile I can create SVG templates to import an creat "printer's
> imprint" manually, or exist some already ?

By "printers imprint" do you mean an imposition? Perhaps an imposition
template or guide?

If so, Scribus can import SVG with some limitations, and you may be able
to do what you want. Test it out, or try explaining in more detail how
SVG would be used.

Imposition is a frequently requested feature, and there are plans to add
support at some point. Much like crop marks, colour bars, and
registration marks, imposition is something that's usually done by the
printer. Scribus is much better suited for use with professional
printing outfits than smaller print shops or home printing, where you
might have to supply your own crop marks, colour bars, etc.

In the mean time, there are workarounds and alternate approaches listed
on the wiki. Imposition support probably can't be added by a script or
plugin at this point, so unless you're handy with C++ and have a bunch
of time you're pretty much stuck waiting for someone to find the time to
work on it.

Craig Ringer

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