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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat Dec 24 05:46:39 CET 2005

>On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 01:43:34PM +0100, Christian Zwahlen wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  Am Donnerstag, den 22.12.2005, 18:34 -0200 schrieb Ludi Maciel:
>>  > 1.3.6
>>  >  Crop, fold, registration capability #194,1113,1116
>>  >  Bleed capability #129, 1041
>>  In Version 1.3.6, how long one I have to wait?
>"When it's ready"


>In the mean time, there are workarounds and alternate approaches listed
>on the wiki.

Craig's right. I don't want to minimize the need for such marks. But 
let's be realistic. As Craig says, they mostly are the cup of tea of 
professional printers. Each press and each colour workflow have their 
own requirements. I would add, each job. Lots of people strongly 
believe these marks have to be there to show they came up with a 
"professionnal" job. This is not true. Printers' marks are most of 
the time added at imposition time and we really could not careless 
about marks added by the source program. Generally, we get rid of 
them to put our own.

1. Half of the crop marks, when you just think about them, disappear 
under the guillotine. What is really needed is a dummy to show 
exactly what you want in the end. The knife operator, guided with a 
proper dummy, will achieve a very nice job.

2. Fold marks don't make the paper folds... (Just like red light 
don't make the cars stop... it's the brakes). The setting of the 
folding machine does. Here again, a dummy tells it all. It is a good 
idea to provide a dummy folded just how you want it (stapled, so 
nobody fools around with the folds before it actually gets in the 
hands of the operator).

3. Colour bars are specific to each system, each workflow. Your 
printer could provide you with colour bars. The way around can be 
tricky. There are good chances that if Scribus would provide such a 
"generic" colour bar, it would sure look pretty... but would rapidly 
prove to be useless for most if not all jobs.

I don't want to sound rude. Please don't get me wrong. You will help 
your case dealing with professionals when in the end your PDF has its 
fonts properly embeded (the #1 problem in DTP) and your pics will be 
at the right resolution (the #1 problem in DTP). Then, provide a 
finished dummy of your job. You'll make your life easier and the life 
of many others as well. And you'll get good results. This is the most 

Now, the above is true unless your printer does its imposition manually.



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