[Scribus] Text Wrapping Around Transparent Objects

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Fri Dec 16 18:09:50 CET 2005

Hello all:

Frequently in my layouts (one-page advertisements) I need to wrap text around an irregular object such as a car.  I take a picture of the car, then eliminate the background using a GIMP path and export the finished product as a transparent PNG.  Scribus recognizes the transparency in my file and will let me select new background colors--a nice feature--but text will not automatically wrap around the outline of my object .  I know there's a workaround solution for this involving invisible polygons, but does anyone know how it can be done automatically?  (I'm using the make-it-work Win2000 port as of now; perhaps this is why the feature is not available).  At any rate, I'd like to know how other people have dealt with this.  I think it's a common need in DTP.

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