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John nesredep
Wed Dec 14 02:53:29 CET 2005

On 12/13/05, Owen <rcook at pcug.org.au> wrote:
> John wrote:
> >
> >     Grab cvs now, itll do it for you.
> >
> >
> > Wow, thanks!  I'm currently using 1.3.2cvs from the unstable debian
> > binaries on debian.scribus.net <http://debian.scribus.net>.  In order to
> > get your update, I'd have to do something different, or wait until the
> > update comes through?  I don't want to break my present setup because
> > it's working great, but I am willing to grab another (spare) machine and
> > set it up with Fedora or some other non-Debian system.  Your advice
> > would be appreciated.
> Hi
> I am using Ubuntu-5.10 and just simply build the cvs in its own
> directory. It 'doesn't break anything'
> export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at scribus.info:/cvs
> cvs login
> cvs -z3 co -r Version13x Scribus
> cd Scribus
> make -f Makefile.cvs
> ./configure --enable-cairo --enable-debug --prefix=/scribus
> make
> su -c 'make install'
> and just start it with /scribus/bin/scribus &

I'm using Mepis.  Forgive me, but I was really chicken to mess around with
my working system.  Color management works, fonts work, every thing works.
I've been using Debian for quite a while, and I'm a great fan of apt-get.
However, I have certainly "broken" things, even on Debian systems.

BUT....I am grateful for your instructions and welcome a chance to learn a
bit more, so I set up another machine with Mepis, and Scribus 1.3.2cvs, just
like my working box.  Following your instructions, I got along pretty far.
I think I had to install libart or something like that. I got to ./configure
and I installed the dev version of something, and I got some errors
concerning fontconfig and something else...  By then Alex had the deb
binaries available, and I REALLY do need to get back to the actual project
(although I love the messing around part-that's why I have spare machines
kicking around).

So thanks for your excellent instructions.  I'll probably go back and see if
I can get past the problems later.

This mail list has the most helpful people of any list I have ever seen.

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