[Scribus] TOC page numbers

Owen rcook
Tue Dec 13 22:57:33 CET 2005

John wrote:
>     Grab cvs now, itll do it for you.
> Wow, thanks!  I'm currently using 1.3.2cvs from the unstable debian
> binaries on debian.scribus.net <http://debian.scribus.net>.  In order to
> get your update, I'd have to do something different, or wait until the
> update comes through?  I don't want to break my present setup because
> it's working great, but I am willing to grab another (spare) machine and
> set it up with Fedora or some other non-Debian system.  Your advice
> would be appreciated.


I am using Ubuntu-5.10 and just simply build the cvs in its own
directory. It 'doesn't break anything'

 export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at scribus.info:/cvs
 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co -r Version13x Scribus

 cd Scribus
 make -f Makefile.cvs
 ./configure --enable-cairo --enable-debug --prefix=/scribus
 su -c 'make install'

and just start it with /scribus/bin/scribus &

If you don't have cairo, remove that option from the configure


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