[Scribus] [Fwd: Re: Either I don't understand Master Pages or they justdon't work!]

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Dec 9 14:03:30 CET 2005

> >Current 1.3.2cvs is bleeding edge, in the past few weeks, about as close
> > to the blade as you can be... We can only make progress and have any
> > chance of moving forward with some major changes inside Scribus. So,
> > track CVS if you will, make your docs with it, **but you must be prepared
> > to roll with the punches**. I must say, my last magazine was done with
> > 1.3.2cvs and all went fine.
> Completely respect what you are saying - if you want something stable
> use 1.23 if you want to play with new features then do so at risk and
> expect things to break form time to time... fine.  I have very little
> experience of using CVS for things... ...if I do the tracking (I assume
> that means it fetches a new CVS each night) do I need to recompile it
> every time?  The compile porcess takes about 2 1/2 hours on my machine!

Yes you need to recompile and reinstall, but you normally do not need to make 
clean before running make && make install. If we (as we quite often do) touch 
a commonly used header file, the rebuild might get a little long some days. 
Investigate the use of ccache which will help cache compilation results and 
speed up recompiles of the same files.

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