[Scribus] Unremovable black?

Giuseppe Barichello beppuz
Sat Dec 10 09:27:49 CET 2005

Hi all,

I'm using scribus with satisfaction, but I am having problems with color
rendering when printing CMYK (i. e. by my printer).

I am not a professional in DTP, nor I use color management.

All colors result having too much black, loosing brightness.
I made the following test:

- New document
- Import an eps image (created with Inkscape) with the following CMYK
values: C=100%, M=51%, Y=100%, K=0%
- Show document preview -> Show CMYK -> show only black color
- If UCR is ticked, black is visible. Otherwise not (as it should,
having the color 0% black).

It looks like my printer can't remove this black layer from the
scribus-produced PDF.

Where is the problem?

The document is here:



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