[Scribus] Managing page break in OpenOffice documents

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Dec 8 11:27:24 CET 2005

On Thursday 08 December 2005 11:02, Fabien Z wrote:
> Hello, and thanks to the Scribus team for the great job they are doing!
> I discovered Scribus (1.2.1) a few month ago and made a book with it
> (the diary of a trip in Iceland, including photos and text in
> french...). I was discovering the world of DTP and Scribus proved to be
> easy to use and very powerfull for my needs.
> The next step is automation with OpenOffice.org, Scribus 1.3.x and
> python scripting: I intend to be more efficient for my second book.
> As my books are organized in chapters, I had this problem : for my first
> book, I had to split my text in different files (one for each chapter)
> so I could import them in Scribus. But this made text revision process
> (some late word spell or punctuation checking) long and inneficient as I
> had to repeat operation for each file. For the next work, I would like
> to have just one OpenOffice file, in which chapters are separated with
> page break (for example).
> So my question is : is there a way to tell Scribus that a page break in
> OO should be interpreted as a jump in the next linked text frame? I ran
> some tests and it appears that scribus does not interprete page break in
> OpenOffice documents.

Scribus simply gets your text into the current frame right now. What you are 
looking for is something that will be developed, ie, where you can just 
"File->Open" an ODT file and it will create the frames etc for you. This is 
however awhile away.

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