[Scribus] Managing page break in OpenOffice documents

Fabien Z fzuretti
Thu Dec 8 11:02:33 CET 2005

Hello, and thanks to the Scribus team for the great job they are doing!

I discovered Scribus (1.2.1) a few month ago and made a book with it 
(the diary of a trip in Iceland, including photos and text in 
french...). I was discovering the world of DTP and Scribus proved to be 
easy to use and very powerfull for my needs.

The next step is automation with OpenOffice.org, Scribus 1.3.x and 
python scripting: I intend to be more efficient for my second book.

As my books are organized in chapters, I had this problem : for my first 
book, I had to split my text in different files (one for each chapter) 
so I could import them in Scribus. But this made text revision process 
(some late word spell or punctuation checking) long and inneficient as I 
had to repeat operation for each file. For the next work, I would like 
to have just one OpenOffice file, in which chapters are separated with 
page break (for example).

So my question is : is there a way to tell Scribus that a page break in 
OO should be interpreted as a jump in the next linked text frame? I ran 
some tests and it appears that scribus does not interprete page break in 
OpenOffice documents.

Thank you,


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