[Scribus] Either I don't understand Master Pages or they just don't work!

Calum Polwart scribus
Thu Dec 8 15:45:13 CET 2005

Just downloaded the 1.3.2cvs (my 1.3.1 didn't have OOO import filter) 
this mornign and its looking great.

But I'm struggling with master pages.  I've read as many of the previous 
posts from before as I can and I'm not sure wether its a CVS thing, a 
not yet implemented thing or what...

*"Convert to Master Page"* I assume that if I select all the content on 
page 1 and click Page --> Convert to Master Page it will do what it says...

But when I create a new page using that the content which is a RHS page 
is placed to the Right of RHS.

Plus (and I've never got this to work..) if I have several master pages 
- it just doesn't cope... Master Page 1,2,3 can all end up on Master Page 1

On the other hand I had been having problems with templates ever since i 
started with scribus but that might just be working normally...

Is this because these are developments or is something broken on my box 

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