[Scribus] Adding Text Frame to Master Page

John nesredep
Wed Dec 7 01:46:22 CET 2005

> Make sure your template is applied across all pages. If you are using
> current
> CVS, please check File->Document Setup, Sections to make sure the page
> numbering system is covering all your document's pages, and finally, that
> you
> have put in the correct number of page number characters (NOT just a plain
> #)
> to cover all your page numbers' widths)

For purposes of testing, I only used 1 #, since I figured I wouldn't run
into trouble until page 10.

Turned out, it was that Sections feature.  I (blindly) took out the x in the
checkbox, and then my only page went away, and I put it back, and ALL the
pages appeared.  I sort of see how "sections" works, and this is a POWERFUL
feature, covering TOC numbers, etc.  But in all my searching for "page
number", I never saw it mentioned.  Is there someplace I can read about

Thanks for the bailout!

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